Sunday, December 6, 2009

Reflective Introductions:General and Project Based

Ideas for reflective introductions:
I will talk about what is included in the portfolio and why, and the progress i have made as a writer through out this semester. I will dicuss the entries I have included and what the point of them are.

I Will explain the projects I chose to revise as well as the work that has been done to revise them. I will discuss the changes that I want readers to notice.
I am going to relfect on how much i have changed over this semester as well as my opinions about wrt 235.
I will talk about which entry is my best one and why it is. I will also include specific quotes from my process blog to deem more credible.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Potential Ideas

Potential ideas for web portfolio theme:

1.Growing in electronic environments-It could be like a weird forest theme, because I have grown in my skills in WRT 235 , electronic environments, since the beginning of this course

2.A journey- This class as a whole has been a journey for me, and discovering new talents within electronic environments

3.A unknown path- After taking this class, it made me realize I enojoyed writing in electronic environments

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Portfolio revisions

I decided that I want to revise my enthusiast blog and the web redesign project.
I picked both of these because there is a lot of work that can be done on both of these for my portfolio.

Plan for enthusiast blog:
-Change background color and scheme
-Add more to a couple of the posts
-Make the posts tell more stories as well as being informative

We Redesign Project
-Remake the events page
it has never been made before so I will be remaking the whole page from scratch

Understanding Web Portfolios

Key points for what makes a good web portfolio:

-Has to be a collection- lets the author show what he or she has learned by choosing and then revising their work
-It has to have a purpose-needs to fulfill specific standards
-Show concrete proof of abilities
-Pages have professional and consistent looking design
-Has to be easy to navigate
-Must practice rhetoric-art of convincing someone about something
-Can include reflective statements
-Honest and convincing self assesment
-Straightforward page layout
-Legibility and ease of reading
-Thoughtful use of emphasis
-Careful use of color

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Finished Product

Now, mostly the whole project is finished. My page and the ning is mostly done. The only things we have left are to fix the annotated bib with all 12 sources. We need to add all of our sources and put them all together for the final product . We still have to decide on one picture, video and song for the save sea turtles homepage. We are going to figure that out soon, but it will also be realy easy to figure out. My page has a pink layout and color scheme and it looks awesome! I atually really liked this project because I found it easy once I understood it and fun at the same time. I also think the timing for having things due were a good amount of time and we had a lot of class time to do the project and talk to our group mates which really helped and I really liked.

Splitting up the work

I was absent the class split up the work. When I got back, my assignment was to play around with our homepage on ning about saving the sea turtles. Over these past few weeks I ave played around with the save sea turtles ning page in a few different ways. I picked out the layout which is called fresh. I figured this would be the best choice for colors because it has blue and green and white and it looks clean but simple at the same time. The color scheme goes perfectly for sea turtles so we decided as a group it was perfect. I changed the places of the blog, text boxes and discussion forum. I changed the things around to make the layout more organized and easier on the eyes. I added a text box above the photos because I figured that would be a good idea for a place to put the welcome note.

Social Cause

So the final project we worked on was the Social Cause assignment. As usual, when we first got our assignment assigned to us-you know what I am going to say-I was confused. Surprise surprise! I am always confused when an assignment first comes out because we hear about all of the requirements and instead of just realizing they will be done piece by piece , I freak out and think that they are overwhelming. But now, having the assignment mostly finished, I am once again calm and happy with the project turnout.