Sunday, December 6, 2009

Reflective Introductions:General and Project Based

Ideas for reflective introductions:
I will talk about what is included in the portfolio and why, and the progress i have made as a writer through out this semester. I will dicuss the entries I have included and what the point of them are.

I Will explain the projects I chose to revise as well as the work that has been done to revise them. I will discuss the changes that I want readers to notice.
I am going to relfect on how much i have changed over this semester as well as my opinions about wrt 235.
I will talk about which entry is my best one and why it is. I will also include specific quotes from my process blog to deem more credible.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Potential Ideas

Potential ideas for web portfolio theme:

1.Growing in electronic environments-It could be like a weird forest theme, because I have grown in my skills in WRT 235 , electronic environments, since the beginning of this course

2.A journey- This class as a whole has been a journey for me, and discovering new talents within electronic environments

3.A unknown path- After taking this class, it made me realize I enojoyed writing in electronic environments

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Portfolio revisions

I decided that I want to revise my enthusiast blog and the web redesign project.
I picked both of these because there is a lot of work that can be done on both of these for my portfolio.

Plan for enthusiast blog:
-Change background color and scheme
-Add more to a couple of the posts
-Make the posts tell more stories as well as being informative

We Redesign Project
-Remake the events page
it has never been made before so I will be remaking the whole page from scratch

Understanding Web Portfolios

Key points for what makes a good web portfolio:

-Has to be a collection- lets the author show what he or she has learned by choosing and then revising their work
-It has to have a purpose-needs to fulfill specific standards
-Show concrete proof of abilities
-Pages have professional and consistent looking design
-Has to be easy to navigate
-Must practice rhetoric-art of convincing someone about something
-Can include reflective statements
-Honest and convincing self assesment
-Straightforward page layout
-Legibility and ease of reading
-Thoughtful use of emphasis
-Careful use of color