Sunday, December 6, 2009

Reflective Introductions:General and Project Based

Ideas for reflective introductions:
I will talk about what is included in the portfolio and why, and the progress i have made as a writer through out this semester. I will dicuss the entries I have included and what the point of them are.

I Will explain the projects I chose to revise as well as the work that has been done to revise them. I will discuss the changes that I want readers to notice.
I am going to relfect on how much i have changed over this semester as well as my opinions about wrt 235.
I will talk about which entry is my best one and why it is. I will also include specific quotes from my process blog to deem more credible.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Potential Ideas

Potential ideas for web portfolio theme:

1.Growing in electronic environments-It could be like a weird forest theme, because I have grown in my skills in WRT 235 , electronic environments, since the beginning of this course

2.A journey- This class as a whole has been a journey for me, and discovering new talents within electronic environments

3.A unknown path- After taking this class, it made me realize I enojoyed writing in electronic environments

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Portfolio revisions

I decided that I want to revise my enthusiast blog and the web redesign project.
I picked both of these because there is a lot of work that can be done on both of these for my portfolio.

Plan for enthusiast blog:
-Change background color and scheme
-Add more to a couple of the posts
-Make the posts tell more stories as well as being informative

We Redesign Project
-Remake the events page
it has never been made before so I will be remaking the whole page from scratch

Understanding Web Portfolios

Key points for what makes a good web portfolio:

-Has to be a collection- lets the author show what he or she has learned by choosing and then revising their work
-It has to have a purpose-needs to fulfill specific standards
-Show concrete proof of abilities
-Pages have professional and consistent looking design
-Has to be easy to navigate
-Must practice rhetoric-art of convincing someone about something
-Can include reflective statements
-Honest and convincing self assesment
-Straightforward page layout
-Legibility and ease of reading
-Thoughtful use of emphasis
-Careful use of color

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Finished Product

Now, mostly the whole project is finished. My page and the ning is mostly done. The only things we have left are to fix the annotated bib with all 12 sources. We need to add all of our sources and put them all together for the final product . We still have to decide on one picture, video and song for the save sea turtles homepage. We are going to figure that out soon, but it will also be realy easy to figure out. My page has a pink layout and color scheme and it looks awesome! I atually really liked this project because I found it easy once I understood it and fun at the same time. I also think the timing for having things due were a good amount of time and we had a lot of class time to do the project and talk to our group mates which really helped and I really liked.

Splitting up the work

I was absent the class split up the work. When I got back, my assignment was to play around with our homepage on ning about saving the sea turtles. Over these past few weeks I ave played around with the save sea turtles ning page in a few different ways. I picked out the layout which is called fresh. I figured this would be the best choice for colors because it has blue and green and white and it looks clean but simple at the same time. The color scheme goes perfectly for sea turtles so we decided as a group it was perfect. I changed the places of the blog, text boxes and discussion forum. I changed the things around to make the layout more organized and easier on the eyes. I added a text box above the photos because I figured that would be a good idea for a place to put the welcome note.

Social Cause

So the final project we worked on was the Social Cause assignment. As usual, when we first got our assignment assigned to us-you know what I am going to say-I was confused. Surprise surprise! I am always confused when an assignment first comes out because we hear about all of the requirements and instead of just realizing they will be done piece by piece , I freak out and think that they are overwhelming. But now, having the assignment mostly finished, I am once again calm and happy with the project turnout.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Potential Discussion....

1.When did this become a serious problem?

2. How people can help Sea Turtles from becoming less endangered

3. How are they becoming endangered

Monday, November 16, 2009

Blog Post

3 topics I could write a blog post on would be:

-The history of sea turtle endangerment
- Where sea turtles are now in RI dealing with endangerment
-How to help save them!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Compare and Contrast

The political action article discusses using social networks like facebook and myspace to the politics advantage by saying they would be able to speak the truth on these sites. It sheds a negative light on on them about how they show how status obsessed and narcissitic we are as a society today. It says its a social platform for attention hogs to do their thing. It brings up the idea that there is infinite scaling on the web and that these SNSes are used today mostly for people and the friends they already know. It ends with there is a huge lack of motivation to share or spread the information across the SNSes and they will know they are succesful once it is brought up on myspace of facebook for expample.
The digital natives article discusses the view of a "crisis in citizenship and and civic engagement". Both articles discuss the audiences for SNSes and how they use them. The second article almost enforces or suggests the use of digital media in school because it will introduce goals for actualized citizens. I think both articles discuss their personal view of these sites and how they affect us now and what they actually should be used for. Both writers attack the topic in a different tone and at a different angle.


I have never heard of Ning before this class. When I first went onto the website, I felt a little overwhelmed. I'm still a little confused about how to use the website. I'm a little worried that I am going to have trouble working Ning. I know it is for our causes, but that's all I know really so far. It is obviously an effective social network that allows you to speak about your causes. I think once I work with my group, I will be able to work the website easily. This has happened with the other projects before. I seem intimidated by the new site but then towards the end of the project I know how to work the website very well.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Social Networks Response

i used to have a myspace, but now I only have a facebook, and I really don't use it that much. Social Network Site (SNS) allow you to do many things, one being able to meet or come in contact with strangers. It is funny we allow these sites to let you friend or befriend anyone because safety is definitely a concern that can run hand in hand with these sites such as myspace. Each social network has it's own layout for a profile, which is why some attract more or less members than the other sites. You choose what SNS you want to be part of based on who you know that has it, and how much you like it. The article even discusses that most sites have something called friends, which are other users who agreed to be friends with you, when in all reality you may have never met or heard of them before in your life.
I still think SNS are useful as well as scary. I do not accept friend requests from people that I don't know. It's crazy to think that the first SNS was launched in 1997, which was six degrees which I have never even heard of. I feel like that is kind of late in blooming. Privacy and threats were actually an issue that they brought up in the article. They actually gave some examples with cases. The end of the article says how this is only the beginning, and there is still much exploring to do.


5 Potential Issues:

1.Drunk Driving
2.Animal Abuse
4.Pollution in the area
5.Gay Rights -Marriage

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

final website

Once I started to get interested in making the homepage template, I enjoyed making it. The website is pretty much finished right now but I know there are some changes I can make to it. I think after the workshop, I will be able to change a few things. The reason I am excited for the workshop is because there will be a fresh pair of eyes , or even a few pairs, to see changes that could be made to better the website. Since the group has seen my website already done so far, they are used to it and I have already changed my website according to their feedback, so it will be good to see new feedback that I can possibly change my website for the better.

Website project

During the class we decided what we were going to finish for the next class, I was extremely stressed during the beginning of it. I picked the homepage template but originally wanted the proposal memo, but someone else in the group had called it. After realizing I was going to have to do the website, it was like starting from scratch. I had looked at google sites before but didn't know how to do everything that we needed. I didn't even know simple things like the navigation bars. Once my WRT teacher helped me in the beginning stages of the website, it seemed to fly from there.

beginning of redesign

In the beginning of this project, I was actually really worried. I thought that it was going to be extremely hard for me to understand this project. I am sure I was extremely annoying for the teacher the first day we really discussed this in depth. I kept asking questions, over and over, because I just didn't understand the concept of making a webpage. Once I played around with google sites, and we figured out what website we were doing , it all made more sense.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fixing the website

My job is to create the homepage template. At first I was really nervous because it seemed like it was going to be really difficult. After having class, it really helped me because I asked a lot of questions that helped me understand how to remake the page. As far as now, I have done the theme and layout as well as the navigation bars. I think it will still be a little difficult as I try to do more things because the page can't do exactly what I want to because you cant do things exactly the same on google sites.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Google Sites

Google sites seemed a little intimidating at first. After signing in, I clicked on create site, and I just filled out the information so I could see what came next. Google sites seems like it will be easy for me to navigate for the most part and if I need help anything, either I will try to figure it out myself, or I will search around the site for help. I think I will be ok with google sites pertaining to this project.

My level of technological experience is just from previous experiences. If I know how to do something on a computer, it's probably because I have done it before, or someone has taught me how to do it. I wouldn't say I'm computer savy, but I also wouldn't say I am completely clueless when it comes to technology.If I have enought time, I can usually figure out how to do something if I need to.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


good website:
This website works because it has all of the criteria from the chapter. There are different links, small pictures, navigation tools and coordinated color and font on the page-just to name a few.

bad website:
This website is the perfect example of a bad one. Nothing is organized and colors are thrown everywhere. When I first look at the website, the whole thing hurts my eyes. There is only one page, and all the navigation tools are hiding in the center and you have to click on them.

Palmquist Chapter 17

After reading this article, I did not realize how much time and effort went into design a webpage. I also didn't realize that websites I look at may be categorized under different websites like informative websites or newspapers. Those 2 kinds of websites seem to be closely related to me. The chapter then brought up informational flags, which is where you roll your mouse over the link and a new window pops up over the old one. I havn't seen a lot of informational flags on websites, but when I do I find them very easy and helpful. It's annoying when you click on a link and you go to an entirely new page, and then you start to have a lot of windows open from one website.
I was suprprised to find out that websites usually follow 1 of the 3 organizational structures -hierarchical,linear and interlinked. Each offers thier own style and serves a different purpose for the website you are attempting to create.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Potential entries

1. Sleep:
Crowne Plaza Hotel- This is on the Framingham/ Natick border. It is on route 9 along with all of the stores called the "Golden Mile"

2. Eat:
The Melting Pot- Located on route 9 as well. This restaurant is amazing. It is your own personal fondue menu and your own fondue for dinner.

3. See:
Bowditch Field- You can access this through route 126 or route 9. It is an amazing football field including a track, basketball courts, tennis courts, and a baseball field to top it off.

Wikitravel Tips

Manual of Style: 3 tips important to Wikitravelers:

1. Internal links in wikitravel- these are links to other articles in wikitravel. This could be helpful in wanting to know more or different information on the article you are viewing.

2. Know how the page is set up. There are headings and the text follows. Sometimes the information can be a little much or even the flow of it so check the headings and subheadings first to know what the writing is about.

3. Be open minded. There are different templates for different articles on topics. Make sure the article you want is in the correct template format or else it could be a little confusing.

Monday, October 5, 2009


1. MASS- My hometown
2. Europe- Ireland
3. Kingston/ around URI-URI

I think for the most part I would like to add to an already existing itinerary just to add my own detail. Once I go further into researching the area I want to write about, if I find that there is no a lot of information on it, then I will create a new itinerary. Any of those 3 choices will add value to what already exists because I will tell them stories and personal experiences about many places. I will also talk about a few unknown places as well as a little insight.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Exploring Wikitravel

I had never even heard of wikitravel until this assignment. It is similar to wikipedia but instead of being an online encyclopedia it is an online travel guide written by many people. I can't believe that it was created in 2003 and within these past 6 years I have not heard anything about it. I find it humorous that there is actually a page with wikitravel's purposes on it saying who the website is targeted for. It just seems a little bit unprofessional to me. Then again, wikitravel is for the viewers and is written by the viewers so I guess it makes sense. I did enjoy the welcome newcomers page though because I am a newcomer to wikitravel and I feel that the welcome page is necessary to help people understand the point of wikitravel and how to work it.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Reflective Post 3

Towards the end of the last 2 posts, the assignment seemed easier for me. I realized it was easier to show sad pictures and tell sad stories than describe my stance on the issue. In post 3 of "Be a Voice for the Voiceless" I put in detailed pictures of animal abuse as well as a story. Post 3 was followed up by statistics in post 4. I figured in order to make people want to make a difference I was going to have to show them more than my stance. So I did the posts in almost a chronological sense. I figured explaining my credability first made the most sense followed by what the hell is the point of this blog. Then I went into detail of what animal abuse is and example of it and how to stop it. I ended it with statistics and ways to help. That order just seemed to make the most sense to me and I think it tied in all 4 posts together. At first I was intimidated by this assignment, but after my 4 posts, I realize I am excited I did it on this topic.

Reflective Post 2

After starting my blog, I realized it was going to be harder than I thought. Instead of writing about TV shows, or people's family or their own certain interests, I chose to go a little deeper and intense. In order to get my point across I knew I was going to have to play dirty. To appeal to the reader's emotional side I was thinking about putting in a sad story of animal cruelty as well as a few pictures. After my second post, I figured I would test it out. Even after my peer reviews (which said to put sad stories and grotesque pictures in like wanted), I realized it might be the only way to get my point across.
I also designed my blog according to the mood of it. My topic is serious and I am passionate about it. To make the blogs content match with the style I decided on a black background layout with simple white writing for the posts. This made the most sense in the way that it made my posts seem more intense and serious.

Reflective Post 1

Originally I was nervous about this assignment. I had no idea what topic I was going to blog on because I knew it would have to be one I was passionate about. After a couple of classes of discussing and brainstorming, I picked animal abuse. I picked this topic because as stated through out my posts, blog description and about me statement, I want to make a difference. I figured a great way to try to make a difference and make people see what I do was to speak about it in this class assignment's blog. It seemed like a great opportunity.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Enthusiast Blog..

As an author, my place of influence within my affinity group will be due to the fact that over the past three years here at URI, I have been researching my enthusiast blog topic for my own interest as well as class assignments. It is about the cruelty of animals, and I am passionate about this topic. I have made presentations, papers, and speeches on the matter. I have also researched different angles on the topic from zoo cruelty to animal cruelty from their owners as well as adoption shelters. My stance and passion on the issue will come through clearly in my blog. Within my blog I will refer back to articles and/or resources that I am getting my information from or reffering to.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Enthusiast Blog Brainstorming

Topic: My enthusiast blog topic is going to be about the cruelty to pets from their owners mainly in the New England Area.I think I will be able to make my blogs about this topic specific but not too narrow. I narrowed it down to cruelty of pets from their owners rather than all animals. I also narrowed it down to the New England area. Although I have specific criteria for my blog, I also left possible room to branch out so it is not too tied down. There will be a couple specific stimuli that my blog entries will respond to. I think that in doing so it will keep it less of a broad topic as well. I will talk about recent stories in the news, stories I have heard before and elaborate from there. I will grab peoples attention to show how serious this is in the U.S. today and the growing rate of the issue.

Audience: I would like to attract an audience that feels the same way I do about my blog topic. I don't want to attract people who disagree with me although attracting some may make my blogging more interesting. I would like to get peoples attention who agree with me so we can see eachother's point of view. I think the audience obviously does not want to read about the serious and grotesque cruelty I will talk about but I will obviously tone it down for the blog. Although I will tone it down, this does not mean I will lie or not tell the stories I want to be heard. I think the audience will also want to read about help for this issue and how things are changing and maybe how they can help and lend a hand.

Personality: In my writing, the personality will most likely be serious and willingness. My blog will come off as wanting feedback to the entries I post. I have written and researched this topic many times before and I am passionate about making a change. My personality will definitely show through this blog whether I realize it or not. I think that by being serious as well as informative, it will help keep credability for my blogs concept and focus.

Potential Titles:
-"The hurting will hurt no more"
-"Grotesque and sad, but necessary to know"
-"Be a voice for the voiceless"

Potential Post Ideas:
Some post ideas will be about what I have learned so far about animal cruelty and how to stop it. Some others will be able what I have yet to learn as well as know. Some blogs will be about recent news I have heard about animal cruelty and others about past stories I know. Experiences as well as stories will be told.

More specific topics..

1. Cruelty of pets from owners in New England
2. Everyday events in my family
3. Movie reviews of recent movies I have seen
4. TV reviews of shows that I have seen
5. Critique the technology that I use everday

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Clubhouse Blog

1. Animal Shelters/ Cruelty
2. Family
3. Movie Reviews
4.Television Reviews
5. Technology


In the Stefanac "article", it begins by referring to bloggers as "obsessives". I think that if I enjoyed blogging and did it on a day to day basis, I would be annoyed that I was referred to as an obsesser. While reading this, it came across as the point other posts say about bloggers and blogging, which is that people view it very differenlty. Some people accept the idea and even take part in it, while other still write off the idea without even trying it and consider bloggers weird.

One sentences says that, "A blog stands an excellence chance of attracting the attention of others who share the obsession". I never thought of blogging in that sense until after reading this. I thought of it more as a hobby to write ideas, thoughts or feelings down. I never thought of it as a way to grab someones attention about a topic or thing you are passionate about and maybe develop a relationship from blogging.

After reading this and the post before about blogs, I realize that I will have to open my mind even wider about blogs. I never knew much about them, what they entailed, or how much detail went into them. It is interesting to learn what makes up a blog, and I am sure throughout the semester, I will keep learning new things about them.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


I have never blogged before. The first time was a few days ago in class. This is now my third time blogging. I have read a few before that i have stumbled upon on the internet. I myself do not seem to find it interesting to post a blog or read one.

I see of it as a hobby which you have to have interest in to enjoy it. I wouldn't feel comfortable with posting my thoughts for everyone to see. I don't think i would open up very well to the public. I think after this class i may see blogging in a different light.

Rebecca Blood's Weblog

I was surprised to read in Rebecca Blood's blog that blogs were not very popular until the late 90's. I figured that weblogs had been around for even longer. I didn't realize blogging was so popular until reading how all of a sudden it turn into a phenomenon, and a lot of websites turned into chances to blog all around the same time. I think that if these first couple of blogging websites were not free, that the number of bloggers and followers would have been fewer. I also had not heard of the term "Weblog editor" until this article.

I think one reason the number of bloggers boomed is because there are few restrictions on blogging, which was one of the points stated in Rebecca's weblog. It is a way to take a form of self expression electronically to another level. From reading this article, it seems that bloggers took blogging very seriously, almost like a job more than an activity. it is crazy to think that just a few years after becoming popular, there were thousands of different types of blogs. The end of the article seems to question where blogs will go from here.

Friday, September 11, 2009

What is Writing?

What is Writing?

Writing is a form of self expression. It allows you to realize who you are. It gives you the chance to write down your thoughts, feelings and ideas as well. Even though it started with a piece of paper and pencil, it now entails technology like computers.

Frequent Writing Environments:
-My room in ADPi
-Formal room in ADPi
-Library at URI
-Room at home