Sunday, September 27, 2009

Reflective Post 3

Towards the end of the last 2 posts, the assignment seemed easier for me. I realized it was easier to show sad pictures and tell sad stories than describe my stance on the issue. In post 3 of "Be a Voice for the Voiceless" I put in detailed pictures of animal abuse as well as a story. Post 3 was followed up by statistics in post 4. I figured in order to make people want to make a difference I was going to have to show them more than my stance. So I did the posts in almost a chronological sense. I figured explaining my credability first made the most sense followed by what the hell is the point of this blog. Then I went into detail of what animal abuse is and example of it and how to stop it. I ended it with statistics and ways to help. That order just seemed to make the most sense to me and I think it tied in all 4 posts together. At first I was intimidated by this assignment, but after my 4 posts, I realize I am excited I did it on this topic.

Reflective Post 2

After starting my blog, I realized it was going to be harder than I thought. Instead of writing about TV shows, or people's family or their own certain interests, I chose to go a little deeper and intense. In order to get my point across I knew I was going to have to play dirty. To appeal to the reader's emotional side I was thinking about putting in a sad story of animal cruelty as well as a few pictures. After my second post, I figured I would test it out. Even after my peer reviews (which said to put sad stories and grotesque pictures in like wanted), I realized it might be the only way to get my point across.
I also designed my blog according to the mood of it. My topic is serious and I am passionate about it. To make the blogs content match with the style I decided on a black background layout with simple white writing for the posts. This made the most sense in the way that it made my posts seem more intense and serious.

Reflective Post 1

Originally I was nervous about this assignment. I had no idea what topic I was going to blog on because I knew it would have to be one I was passionate about. After a couple of classes of discussing and brainstorming, I picked animal abuse. I picked this topic because as stated through out my posts, blog description and about me statement, I want to make a difference. I figured a great way to try to make a difference and make people see what I do was to speak about it in this class assignment's blog. It seemed like a great opportunity.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Enthusiast Blog..

As an author, my place of influence within my affinity group will be due to the fact that over the past three years here at URI, I have been researching my enthusiast blog topic for my own interest as well as class assignments. It is about the cruelty of animals, and I am passionate about this topic. I have made presentations, papers, and speeches on the matter. I have also researched different angles on the topic from zoo cruelty to animal cruelty from their owners as well as adoption shelters. My stance and passion on the issue will come through clearly in my blog. Within my blog I will refer back to articles and/or resources that I am getting my information from or reffering to.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Enthusiast Blog Brainstorming

Topic: My enthusiast blog topic is going to be about the cruelty to pets from their owners mainly in the New England Area.I think I will be able to make my blogs about this topic specific but not too narrow. I narrowed it down to cruelty of pets from their owners rather than all animals. I also narrowed it down to the New England area. Although I have specific criteria for my blog, I also left possible room to branch out so it is not too tied down. There will be a couple specific stimuli that my blog entries will respond to. I think that in doing so it will keep it less of a broad topic as well. I will talk about recent stories in the news, stories I have heard before and elaborate from there. I will grab peoples attention to show how serious this is in the U.S. today and the growing rate of the issue.

Audience: I would like to attract an audience that feels the same way I do about my blog topic. I don't want to attract people who disagree with me although attracting some may make my blogging more interesting. I would like to get peoples attention who agree with me so we can see eachother's point of view. I think the audience obviously does not want to read about the serious and grotesque cruelty I will talk about but I will obviously tone it down for the blog. Although I will tone it down, this does not mean I will lie or not tell the stories I want to be heard. I think the audience will also want to read about help for this issue and how things are changing and maybe how they can help and lend a hand.

Personality: In my writing, the personality will most likely be serious and willingness. My blog will come off as wanting feedback to the entries I post. I have written and researched this topic many times before and I am passionate about making a change. My personality will definitely show through this blog whether I realize it or not. I think that by being serious as well as informative, it will help keep credability for my blogs concept and focus.

Potential Titles:
-"The hurting will hurt no more"
-"Grotesque and sad, but necessary to know"
-"Be a voice for the voiceless"

Potential Post Ideas:
Some post ideas will be about what I have learned so far about animal cruelty and how to stop it. Some others will be able what I have yet to learn as well as know. Some blogs will be about recent news I have heard about animal cruelty and others about past stories I know. Experiences as well as stories will be told.

More specific topics..

1. Cruelty of pets from owners in New England
2. Everyday events in my family
3. Movie reviews of recent movies I have seen
4. TV reviews of shows that I have seen
5. Critique the technology that I use everday

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Clubhouse Blog

1. Animal Shelters/ Cruelty
2. Family
3. Movie Reviews
4.Television Reviews
5. Technology


In the Stefanac "article", it begins by referring to bloggers as "obsessives". I think that if I enjoyed blogging and did it on a day to day basis, I would be annoyed that I was referred to as an obsesser. While reading this, it came across as the point other posts say about bloggers and blogging, which is that people view it very differenlty. Some people accept the idea and even take part in it, while other still write off the idea without even trying it and consider bloggers weird.

One sentences says that, "A blog stands an excellence chance of attracting the attention of others who share the obsession". I never thought of blogging in that sense until after reading this. I thought of it more as a hobby to write ideas, thoughts or feelings down. I never thought of it as a way to grab someones attention about a topic or thing you are passionate about and maybe develop a relationship from blogging.

After reading this and the post before about blogs, I realize that I will have to open my mind even wider about blogs. I never knew much about them, what they entailed, or how much detail went into them. It is interesting to learn what makes up a blog, and I am sure throughout the semester, I will keep learning new things about them.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


I have never blogged before. The first time was a few days ago in class. This is now my third time blogging. I have read a few before that i have stumbled upon on the internet. I myself do not seem to find it interesting to post a blog or read one.

I see of it as a hobby which you have to have interest in to enjoy it. I wouldn't feel comfortable with posting my thoughts for everyone to see. I don't think i would open up very well to the public. I think after this class i may see blogging in a different light.

Rebecca Blood's Weblog

I was surprised to read in Rebecca Blood's blog that blogs were not very popular until the late 90's. I figured that weblogs had been around for even longer. I didn't realize blogging was so popular until reading how all of a sudden it turn into a phenomenon, and a lot of websites turned into chances to blog all around the same time. I think that if these first couple of blogging websites were not free, that the number of bloggers and followers would have been fewer. I also had not heard of the term "Weblog editor" until this article.

I think one reason the number of bloggers boomed is because there are few restrictions on blogging, which was one of the points stated in Rebecca's weblog. It is a way to take a form of self expression electronically to another level. From reading this article, it seems that bloggers took blogging very seriously, almost like a job more than an activity. it is crazy to think that just a few years after becoming popular, there were thousands of different types of blogs. The end of the article seems to question where blogs will go from here.

Friday, September 11, 2009

What is Writing?

What is Writing?

Writing is a form of self expression. It allows you to realize who you are. It gives you the chance to write down your thoughts, feelings and ideas as well. Even though it started with a piece of paper and pencil, it now entails technology like computers.

Frequent Writing Environments:
-My room in ADPi
-Formal room in ADPi
-Library at URI
-Room at home