Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Palmquist Chapter 17

After reading this article, I did not realize how much time and effort went into design a webpage. I also didn't realize that websites I look at may be categorized under different websites like informative websites or newspapers. Those 2 kinds of websites seem to be closely related to me. The chapter then brought up informational flags, which is where you roll your mouse over the link and a new window pops up over the old one. I havn't seen a lot of informational flags on websites, but when I do I find them very easy and helpful. It's annoying when you click on a link and you go to an entirely new page, and then you start to have a lot of windows open from one website.
I was suprprised to find out that websites usually follow 1 of the 3 organizational structures -hierarchical,linear and interlinked. Each offers thier own style and serves a different purpose for the website you are attempting to create.

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