Friday, November 13, 2009

Compare and Contrast

The political action article discusses using social networks like facebook and myspace to the politics advantage by saying they would be able to speak the truth on these sites. It sheds a negative light on on them about how they show how status obsessed and narcissitic we are as a society today. It says its a social platform for attention hogs to do their thing. It brings up the idea that there is infinite scaling on the web and that these SNSes are used today mostly for people and the friends they already know. It ends with there is a huge lack of motivation to share or spread the information across the SNSes and they will know they are succesful once it is brought up on myspace of facebook for expample.
The digital natives article discusses the view of a "crisis in citizenship and and civic engagement". Both articles discuss the audiences for SNSes and how they use them. The second article almost enforces or suggests the use of digital media in school because it will introduce goals for actualized citizens. I think both articles discuss their personal view of these sites and how they affect us now and what they actually should be used for. Both writers attack the topic in a different tone and at a different angle.

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