Monday, November 9, 2009

Social Networks Response

i used to have a myspace, but now I only have a facebook, and I really don't use it that much. Social Network Site (SNS) allow you to do many things, one being able to meet or come in contact with strangers. It is funny we allow these sites to let you friend or befriend anyone because safety is definitely a concern that can run hand in hand with these sites such as myspace. Each social network has it's own layout for a profile, which is why some attract more or less members than the other sites. You choose what SNS you want to be part of based on who you know that has it, and how much you like it. The article even discusses that most sites have something called friends, which are other users who agreed to be friends with you, when in all reality you may have never met or heard of them before in your life.
I still think SNS are useful as well as scary. I do not accept friend requests from people that I don't know. It's crazy to think that the first SNS was launched in 1997, which was six degrees which I have never even heard of. I feel like that is kind of late in blooming. Privacy and threats were actually an issue that they brought up in the article. They actually gave some examples with cases. The end of the article says how this is only the beginning, and there is still much exploring to do.

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