Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rebecca Blood's Weblog

I was surprised to read in Rebecca Blood's blog that blogs were not very popular until the late 90's. I figured that weblogs had been around for even longer. I didn't realize blogging was so popular until reading how all of a sudden it turn into a phenomenon, and a lot of websites turned into chances to blog all around the same time. I think that if these first couple of blogging websites were not free, that the number of bloggers and followers would have been fewer. I also had not heard of the term "Weblog editor" until this article.

I think one reason the number of bloggers boomed is because there are few restrictions on blogging, which was one of the points stated in Rebecca's weblog. It is a way to take a form of self expression electronically to another level. From reading this article, it seems that bloggers took blogging very seriously, almost like a job more than an activity. it is crazy to think that just a few years after becoming popular, there were thousands of different types of blogs. The end of the article seems to question where blogs will go from here.

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