Thursday, September 17, 2009

Enthusiast Blog Brainstorming

Topic: My enthusiast blog topic is going to be about the cruelty to pets from their owners mainly in the New England Area.I think I will be able to make my blogs about this topic specific but not too narrow. I narrowed it down to cruelty of pets from their owners rather than all animals. I also narrowed it down to the New England area. Although I have specific criteria for my blog, I also left possible room to branch out so it is not too tied down. There will be a couple specific stimuli that my blog entries will respond to. I think that in doing so it will keep it less of a broad topic as well. I will talk about recent stories in the news, stories I have heard before and elaborate from there. I will grab peoples attention to show how serious this is in the U.S. today and the growing rate of the issue.

Audience: I would like to attract an audience that feels the same way I do about my blog topic. I don't want to attract people who disagree with me although attracting some may make my blogging more interesting. I would like to get peoples attention who agree with me so we can see eachother's point of view. I think the audience obviously does not want to read about the serious and grotesque cruelty I will talk about but I will obviously tone it down for the blog. Although I will tone it down, this does not mean I will lie or not tell the stories I want to be heard. I think the audience will also want to read about help for this issue and how things are changing and maybe how they can help and lend a hand.

Personality: In my writing, the personality will most likely be serious and willingness. My blog will come off as wanting feedback to the entries I post. I have written and researched this topic many times before and I am passionate about making a change. My personality will definitely show through this blog whether I realize it or not. I think that by being serious as well as informative, it will help keep credability for my blogs concept and focus.

Potential Titles:
-"The hurting will hurt no more"
-"Grotesque and sad, but necessary to know"
-"Be a voice for the voiceless"

Potential Post Ideas:
Some post ideas will be about what I have learned so far about animal cruelty and how to stop it. Some others will be able what I have yet to learn as well as know. Some blogs will be about recent news I have heard about animal cruelty and others about past stories I know. Experiences as well as stories will be told.

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